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1204 - PhidgetTextLCD Adapter$65.00
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Product Description

The PhidgetTextLCD Adapter lets you connect one or two HD44780 LCD modules. The adapter can handle up to 4 lines of 40 characters, depending on the LCD module you are using. You can separately adjust the backlight and the character contrast of each LCD module.

The 1204 API supports the following screen sizes (lines x characters):
• 1x8, 2x8
• 1x16, 2x16 4x16
• 2x20, 4x20
• 2x24
• 1x40, 2x40, 4x40

Product Features

• Interfaces to up to 2 HD44780 (or compatible) LCD modules
• Handles LCD screens of up to 4 lines of 40 characters (5x8 dots with cursor)
• Separate Adjustable Backlight and Contrast for each LCD channel
• Connects directly to a computer's USB Port

• product manual
• programming resources

Product Specifications  
Maximum USB Current 500mA
Quiescent Current (no LCD attached) 34mA
Typical Current
1x8 and 2x8 LCDs, backlight on maximum 200ma
2x20 and 2x24 LCDs, backlight on maximum 76.5ma
4x40 LCD, backlight on maximum 181mA

Backlight Current Limit 400mA
LCD Power Supply Voltage 5V (USB)

Operating Temperature 0 - 70°C

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