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About Us

Incorporated in 2003 in response to Dept. of Energy solicitations on the topic of hydrogen fuel cells we have since decided to leverage our internal capabilities in electronic design and sensor integration to develop educational materials for teaching S.T.E.M. (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) to K-12 , college and university students.

As fervent believers in "hands-on" education we have developed five kits that enable students and instructor to study conversion of various forms of energy into electricity. The FUEL CELL kit enables the study of conversion of chemical energy into electricity; the WIND GENERATOR kit enables study of mechanical motion into electricity; the SOLAR kit studies the conversion of sunlight into electricity; the ELECTROLYZER kit demonstrates the production of hydrogen gas and conversion of electrical energy into chemical as well as the energy STORAGE kit exploring the various ways that energy can be stored. The goal is to fully understand how electricity can be generated without using non-renewable fuels.

Alongside with these kits we are developing a series of LABS that cover the topics of data acquisition and validation, formulation of mathematical models, design of computer simulations and finally the design and manufacture of an electronic device (the power controller) utilizing modern manufacturing tools such as 3-D printers, CNC machines, laser cutters and others.

The mastery of these basic concepts that underpin modern manufacturing will enable student
to develop "hand-on" expertise in designing and making all types of useful devices for themselves,their parents and their peers.

Carefully selected products that support these do it yourself (DIY) activities are presented on our website, www.greenenergyresearch.com.