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Green Energy Research Solar Panel Kit

This kit enables students to explore the current and voltage characteristics of the solar module, how energy produced depends on brightness of the source and angle of incidence, solar modules in series and paralel, current and voltage characteristics of solar modules in the dark.

Kit Contains
• 9 watt conentrator solar panel on base plate with angle pivot
• with digital electronic load P/N EL02
• intergral current and voltage sensing
• USB control from GER-lite or GER-pro software


fuel cell Green Energy Research Fuel Cell Test Kit

This kit enables the student to explore the hydrogen fuel cell characteristic curve (voltage vs. current); the efficiency of the fuel cell; Faraday's First Law; impact of H2 supply (requires additional sensor); fuel cells in series or parallel (requires additional fuel cells); internal resistance of a fuel cell; temperature and humidity effects on the performance of the fuel cell (requires additionalsensors); and fuel cell performance under variable load.

Kit Contains:
• base plate 12" x 12" with 20 thumbscrews P/N FCKIT1-BP
• pressure manifold,capacity of up to 5 canisters of hydrogen, fully equiped with pressure valves,
pressure gauges, pressure regulator and flow controller. P/N FCKIT2-MAN
• digital electronic load P/N FCTKIT2- EL2
• fuel cell holder P/N FCTKIT1-FCH
• fuel cell, model H-12, 12 watt, forced air
• Hydrostick metal hydride canister, 10L capacityr
• Hydrogen thermal mass flow meter, 0 to 1000 mL/min calibration
• software package and drivers P/C FCTKIT1-GER-PRO
• 7-port USB hub for additional sensor

Order Fuel Cell Kit - With Hydrostick Options:

Green Energy Research WIND GENERATOR KIT

This kit enables the student to explore the current and voltage characteristics of a wind generator; how energy production is dependent on both wind speed and angle of incidence; measure generator rotational speed; air velocity; temperature and air humidity.

Kit Contains:

• vertical axis wind generator by Green Energy Research, Inc.
• digital electronic load P/N EL02 with integral current and voltage sensing
• 7-port USB hub for additional sensors
• plug and play USB control from GER-WIND graphic user interface
• RPM counter and USB air speed velocity sensors, (optional air humidity and temperature sensors)


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